Malachy Tallack

Sunday 28th April 2019, 12:30pm, Queen's Hall, Hexham

COGITO FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHT - From the huge range of wonderful events at this year's Hexham Book Festival, we've picked out a selection that we're particularly looking forward to. We have also reviewed a number of the books associated with these events in our Recommendations pages.

We'll have our book filled stall at all of the events, but if you would like to get a head start on your festival reading, we've already got many of the authors' books in the bookshop. Copies of the full programme of events are available to pick up in Cogito, or alternatively look online at the Hexham Book Festival website


Malachy Tallack

Shetland-born writer Malachy Tallack’s life-affirming debut novel of love, loss and grief on the outer edge of the British Isles has drawn comparisons with two other great Shetland writers; Mackay Brown and Crichton Smith. In The Valley at the Centre of the World a resilient and rooted community forged in thin soil and harsh weather comes face-to-face with the modern world. It’s a precisely crafted, vivid and tender work about the isolation of islanders, tradition, what is passed down and what is not.

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